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Modern Album

We like all of our couples to get an album. Your pictures want to be printed. We feel it’s the best way to fulling document the day in one single view experience. We recently finished a wedding album for Chelsea and Kevin. I like the process of laying out an album design. It’s much like our […]

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Vintage Album

There something nice about finding something in an antique store. It’s unique. It’s a find. The hunt can almost be more fun than the find. I can get lost in antique stores. Imagining use of nearly every item I come across or imagining their origin and history. I found this vintage drawing block and we had a great idea […]

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Liz + Mark {Album}

Your pictures want to be printed. So what better way than in a book? It’s so exciting to see the whole day unfold frame by frame. This book for Liz + Mark ended up at 58 spreads or 116 pages.

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